HIT BOOK is a collaborative effort performed by party guests who create one book in one day! Each book is inspired by a Theme. Working diligently on a small but dutiful photocopy machine (Brother 7020) each partier cuts ‘n pastes creating one or more letter size pages. Once deadline approaches we rush into full assembly line production mode and pump out a hot HIT BOOK!! All contributers/partiers left standing receive a copy of their efforts.

Note: No computers allowed!! We’re OFFLINE!

HIT BOOK blog posts the results for all to see.

HIT BOOK will be a monthly effort. Each month, a new theme. Hosted by HQBK.

UPDATE: New policy in effect. We will complete 1 book in 1 day BUT partiers will receive their own HIT BOOK at a later date. A copy shop will perform the task of multiple printings. Poor Brother 7020 doesn’t have enough toner in her to make so many copies each party.


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  1. Chad Kouri said, on December 18, 2008 at 10:57 pm

    what a great idea! Please let me know the schedule for next year and I will come out from Chicago to visit friends on the date that the party occurs!

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